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Labour Minister Commends Thai Youths Winning 7 Medals from the WorldSkills Competition and Thanks All Sponsors

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          On November 2, 2022, the Labour Minister, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, presided over the awarding of medals and certificates to participants of the 46th WorldSkills Competition and presented a plaque to the sponsors, driving Thai youths to win one silver medal and six medals for excellent craftsmanship to build Thailand’s reputation. The occasion took place at the meeting room on the 5th floor, Ministry of Labour.
          The Labour Minister, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, congratulated the participants of the 46th WorldSkills Competition, who were able to win medals on the global stage. This is a success in showing the talent and potential of Thai youths who have skills on par with other nations worldwide. This competition is different from the previous competition, with 15 countries competing in 62 branches between September and October 2022. Thailand had representatives participating in 12 fields, with 13 people and one in the team category. The results of this competition were satisfactory in that Thailand won one silver medal and six medals for excellent craftsmanship. The silver medal was from the CNC machining branch (lathe machine) represented by Mr. Nuttawut Petch-ngam. The six medals of excellent craftsmanship were a result of the CNC machining branch (milling machine), represented by Mr. Suthisak Ulek, the mechatronic branch (two-person team), represented by Mr. Nattawat Thongpinitkul and Mr. Chutidet Thongpinitkul, the 3D game design branch represented by Mr. Jesadaporn Kaennok, the elderly and patient care branch, represented by Ms. Siriporn Thornpranee, the culinary field branch, represented by Mr. Phuriphat Wutthipattananon, and the food and beverage service branch, represented by Ms. Jutharat Bunnag.
          Mr. Suchart continued that the medals and awards helped to build Thailand’s reputation. It shows that Thailand has the potential and readiness to produce quality workers that meet international standards, which builds acceptance from Thai and foreign investors. It also provides more opportunities for Thai workers to work abroad, in line with the government’s policy under the leadership of Prime Minister and Minister of Defense General Prayuth Chan-ocha and under the supervision of Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan. The government is focused on providing Thai workers with skills to meet international standards to promote jobs and a stable income. The skill competition helps to raise the level of workers to super workers, adding value to the economy and increasing the country’s competitiveness on the world stage. It fosters friendships and good understanding with each other and promotes cooperation in the development of skilled workers at the international level. For competitors in other fields who did not receive a medal, the Labour Minister said he wanted to encourage them as stepping into the world stage is a rewarding experience. Therefore, please he asked the participants to use their experiences gained to improve and apply their skills to benefit their professions and work, both now and in the future.
          “For these achievements, I thank all parties, including government agencies, the private sector, and educational institutions, for offering support in the training and travel expenses, allowing Thai youths to participate in this competition. They are behind the success and an important force to drive Thailand’s economy,” concluded the Labour Minister.
          The Department of Skill Development’s Director-General, Mr. Prateep Songlamyong, added that the sponsors of this competition are DENSO International Asia Co., Ltd., K Consulting and Supply Co., Ltd., SCG Foundation, Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., and Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Ramathibodi Nursing School, and Sripatum University. The organizations have continued to support in terms of budget, location, personnel, trainers, and various training technologies. The most important group of people are the experts in all fields who have worked to their fullest potential to achieve great success this time. Another delightful group is the youths who participated in this competition. For those who do not wish to continue their studies, the supporting organizations will accept them for work.


Division of Public Relations
2 November 2022