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Labour Minister Joins Gen. Prawit’s Delegation to Visit Narathiwat Province to Encourage Labour Volunteers and Enhance the Quality of Life for People in the Southern Border Provinces

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          On September 19, 2022, Labour Minister Mr. Suchart Chomklin joined the Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister, General Prawit Wongsuwan’s delegation on a government inspection of Narathiwat province to monitor the water situation. He also joined the Southern Border Provinces Development Strategy Committee’s meeting, listened to briefings, and visited the bridge’s construction site across the Kolok River (Thailand-Malaysia). The bridge is the second link between Su-ngai Kolok District and Rantupanyang City, Kelantan State, Malaysia. They also listened to the progress on the construction of flood prevention and drainage projects in the community area in Narathiwat Province (water embankments). They delivered policies and guidelines for driving work to improve the quality of life of people in the area. The Governor of Narathiwat Province, Mr. Sanan Pongaksorn, gave a briefing. Head of government agencies and villagers in the area joined to welcome the delegation at the Narathiwat Rajanagarindra University and the Su-ngai Kolok border checkpoint, Narathiwat Province.
          On this occasion, General Prawit met with heads of government agencies, community leaders, religious leaders, and informal workers groups and encouraged labour volunteers and graduate workers of Narathiwat Province who came to welcome the delegation. Labour volunteers and graduate workers are people who link the Ministry of Labour’s mission to the area. They have sacrificed themselves for the public and work closely with people in the community to deliver missions and coordinate labour services to provide people with jobs, skills, occupations, income, protection, and sustainable social security.
          Mr. Suchart said that theDeputy Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister, General Prawit Wongsuwan, care about the workforce, especially in solving problems and reducing inequality in the southern border provinces. The government is focused on driving the local economy to create stability and raise the people’s quality of life. The Ministry of Labour has worked with various relevant agencies in the area to promote employment among all ages, especially vulnerable groups, the elderly, people with disabilities, and informal workers, to promote self-employment, including the general public to develop skills to increase their capabilities, receive welfare and protection from work, to have a career, income, and security in life, in line with the government’s policy that aims to strengthen the economic foundation, without leaving anyone behind.


Division of Public Relations
19 September 2022