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Labour Minister Visits Thai Massage Booth and Reports International Media’s Appreciation for Massage and Relaxation Services at APEC

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          On November 16, 2022, the Labour Minister, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, and the Ministry of Labour’s executives paid a visit to the Thai wellness massage and spa activities at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference or APEC 2022, organized by the Ministry of Labour’s Department of Skill Development. The Department of Skill Development’s Director-General, Mr. Prateep Songlamyong, and the committee gave a welcome at the Ministry of Labour’s booth in the press center area, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.
          Mr. Suchart said that today, he and the Ministry of Labour’s executives paid a visit to the Thai wellness massage and spa activities at the APEC meeting. This week marks an important moment for Thailand as the host of the APEC meeting. In addition to the leaders from the APEC economic area attending the meeting, there are groups of followers and press from around the world to cover the news. On the Ministry of Labour’s part, the Labour Minister assigned the Department of Skill Development to bring the art of Thai wellness massage and spa activities to the convention center to create participation in presenting standardized Thai skills to foreigners to understand the Thai wisdom in massage, which is a soft power of Thai people. It is a way to showcase Thai arts, culture, and identity to foreigners.
          Mr. Suchart continued that today’s visit saw both Thai and foreign press, including delegations and followers who were interested and queued up to use the massage service. From November 14 until today, over 700 people have used the service. From meeting and talking to people, it was found that each person was impressed with the various services. They appreciated the Ministry of Labour’s massage activities available at a recreation area for reporters to relax. Many people were fascinated by the Thai people’s standards of massage and their skills. In addition, this activity added colour to the APEC event as well. Each masseuse providing services has passed the skill standards of the Department of Skill Development, including intensive tutoring in service standards, hospitality, and English skills in communicating with foreign clients. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to spread awareness for foreigners to learn about ancient Thai massage for relaxation. All services are free.
          The Ministry of Labour’s Thai wellness massage and spa services are at the press center, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. It is open to Thai and international press covering news of the APEC meeting, including delegates and followers from the APEC economic region who attended the event. Services will be available from November 14 to 19. The activities consist of three demonstration activities, including Thai wellness massage and spa services (neck and shoulder massage, Tok Sen massage, and hot stone spa massage). Each day there will be 50 masseuses providing services 10 hours a day. The first group would offer services from 09.00 to 14.00 hours, and the second group from 14.00 to 19.00 hours. Additionally, there are demonstrations on making herbal products for use in Thai wellness massages, spas, and healthy herbal drinks for attendees.


Public Relations Division / 16 November 2022