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Minister of Labor said the trafficking problem must be gone from Thailand

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          Today (Jan 4, 61) H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor was the president of the subcommittee on illegal trafficking and human trafficking (No. 1/2561) at the Meeting Room to monitor and accelerate the implementation of 10 units. The important issues such as the progress in blocking the smugglers, accelerating Human Trafficking and offenders organizing and storing the identity of migrant workers, amendments to relevant laws remedies for bank transfer to fishermen. The meeting agreed to revise the Action Plan, Driving Reform, Resolve Human Trafficking and Illegal Labor. Activities focused on organizing and managing migrant workers. Accelerate and track trafficking cases and related cases, optimizing labor inspection by international standards. In addition, the meeting agreed to revise the action plan resulting from the outcome of the discussions between Thailand and the European Union (Labor) corresponds to the current situation. This is an important mechanism for solving labor problems in the fisheries sector, and it affects the release of the yellow card of the European Union. The key issue is the expansion of cooperation and labor negotiations to the bilateral model with the European Union, Development of legislation to support ILO Convention No. 188 on fisheries law enforcement and administrative measures against offenders in the fisheries sector, strengthening labor mobility and the care channel for vulnerable workers especially the foreign workers.


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