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Ministry of Labour supported Thai and foreign fishing crews to access legal rights Free of human trafficking

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          Mrs.Petcharat Sinauy, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor reveals how to set up a club / group. Thai Workers Union and Foreign Workers at the Office of the Foundation for the Promotion of the Quality of Work Life (LPN), Samut Sakhon on March 18, 2018, is a clear starting point. Establishment of Club / Union Group will help to consolidate. Strengthen the group. The government does not want to take measures to suppress the arrest, prosecution, but want to encourage each sector know the rights and duties and expand to other sectors. The government wants to strengthen its human trafficking, promote the right must not forget the duty and not violate the rights of others to be a good employee to follow the discipline, work, etc.



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           For the establishment of a club / union of Thai fishing and foreign workers, unskilled migrant workers receive legal aid and lawsuits and the protection of wellbeing, receiving good service from the state in healing, physical and mental rehabilitation. Including the promotion of work to create a participatory process, strengthen the capacity of the crew to be strong, self-reliant, and communicate to the public in a positive way, also can be established. “Fishing crew union” in the future or established The “Thai Fishermen’s Association”, as well as the government’s policy of good management, protects the fishermen in and around the Thai waters.