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MOL Joins Anti-Corruption Culture Creation with “Labour Eyes” to Support Participation of People Sector

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          On March 25, 2022, Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mr. Boonchob Suttamanaswong, presided over the closing ceremony and presentation of certificates to participants in the project to support and build people’s participation in anti-corruption or “Labour’s Eyes” at the Palazzo Hotel, Bangkok. He said that from the 20-year national strategy, the strategic issues of balancing and developing the government management system had been established by setting anti-corruption as a national agenda under the vision “Zero Tolerance & Clean Thailand.” The effort aims to accelerate and consolidate the participation of people’s networks in preventing all forms of corruption.
          Mr. Boonchob further said that the Ministry of Labour had given importance to building an anti-corruption culture, cultivating good moral and ethical values, building confidence in the Ministry of Labour’s operations, and taking into account the nation’s interests before individual benefits. They are ready to strive to develop integrated cooperation between the government and public sectors, encouraging people and network partners in various fields to cooperate in preventing corruption through training mechanisms to build a body of knowledge, spread awareness, and anti-corruption networks in the community level. Everyone is like the Ministry of Labour’s eyes that are important to help monitor the situation. They can pass on important information, reports suspicions to government officials effectively, and work together to create a new national goal against corruption. The Ministry of Labour has been open to hearing opinions from stakeholders and disclosing information to the public to improve work processes to be efficient and truly meet the needs of the people. It aims to create a society that is not tolerant of corruption and to put an end to corruption in Thai society.
          Mr. Boonchob added that from the issues of corruption in Thai society at present, whether by virtue of their position or influence for the benefit of their selves of others, corruption using the system of patronage for the sake of comrades and other unfairness that a government official or any person uses as a tool to deprive justice, is an important problem that must be urgently resolved. Therefore, for the participants being trained today, this is an opportunity to enhance knowledge and understanding about the roles and responsibilities of the anti-corruption network, to have a good personality and speaking techniques in the community, become a speaker with potential multipliers to transfer knowledge and awareness on the surveillance, and whistleblowing of corrupt practices in the area.
          “I sincerely hope that all trainees will be a strong network against corruption. Labour eyes will help create a system for coordinating networks of people in the area and community to combat corruption. It will create a society of good people, intolerant to corruption and promoting good citizens of the country to uphold the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of State, to eradicate corruption in Thai society,” the Permanent Secretary of Labour concluded.


Division of Public Relations
25 March 2022