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MOL Joins Study Visit and Training Following the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy at the Volunteer Spirit School Training Center 904 (Bang Khen)

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         On December 16, 2022, the Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mr. Boonchob Suttamanaswong, assigned the Director of Strategy and Planning Division from the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Labour, Ms. Atchara Ngamsomjit to lead civil servants and officials from departments under the Ministry of Labour to attend lectures and training following the sufficiency economy philosophy. The occasion took place at the Training Center of the Volunteer Spirit School 904 (Bang Khen). The objective of this training is for participants to apply the knowledge of the sufficiency economy philosophy in their work and life. It also aimed to provide knowledge and understanding of problems and solutions that arise in Thai society according to geographic characteristics, coupled with knowledge of agriculture, new theory, and living following the philosophy of the sufficiency economy. Training courses also included soil management and water, solving waste problems, making multi-purpose liquids, and building clay houses. After completing the training, the trainees were bestowed a hat and a volunteer-spirited scarf in front of His Majesty’s portrait as symbols and uniforms for doing good deeds with heart.

         The event was a course assigned to civil servants and officials under the Ministry of Labour to partake in under the Ministry of Labour’s Zero Tolerance & Clean Thailand program. It aims to create awareness of problems and channels that may cause corruption and misconduct in operations, raise awareness of morality and ethics, work with transparency and verifiability, and understand the concept of preventing corruption from leading to efficient government operations to truly benefit the people.


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