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MOL Joins the Reception of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhor on Opening the 2022 Red Cross Event at Lumphini Park

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          On December 8, 2022, at 17.30 hours, the Labour Minister, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, assigned the Secretariat to the Labour Minister, Mr. Suthep Chitayawong, and the Ministry of Labour’s executives to greet Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Executive Vice President of the Thai Red Cross Society, who traveled to preside over the opening ceremony of the 2022 Red Cross Fair and observes the booths and activities of various agencies at the Ministry of Labour’s Red Cross Shop, Lumphini Park.
         The Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mr. Boonchob Suttamanaswong, assigned the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour, Ms. Bubpha Rueangsud to attend the reception and present items to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on such occasions. The occasion took place at the pavilion in front of the Public Library, Lumphini Park, Pathumwan District, Bangkok.
          For this year’s Red Cross event, the Thai Red Cross Society has scheduled the event under the concept of “Nine Decades under Her Majesty Honoring the President of the Thai Red Cross Society.” The fair will be held between December 8 and 18, 2022, at Lumphini Park, for 11 days and 11 nights from 11.00 to 22:00 hours. The last day will end at 23.00 hours. This year’s event is held in parallel on another online platform,, and, available 24 hours a day. The Ministry of Labour joined the Ministry of Labour’s Housewives Association in organizing a booth at the Red Cross Fair 2022. This year’s booth was located in Zone 3, Booth No. 3.10, with an area of approximately 270 square meters. The shop’s decoration style and concept were designed in line with the Red Cross event’s main concept under “The Kindness of Her Majesty.”
          This year’s activities within the Ministry of Labour’s Red Cross booth consisted of playing bingo games. The agencies under the Ministry of Labour will rotate activities daily. The bingo tickets in each round will cost 30, 50, and 100 Baht, depending on the value of the prize in each round. Participants can win prizes such as gold necklaces, electrical appliances, bicycles, etc. In addition, the Ministry of Labour’s Housewives Association prepared a Red Cross lottery for charity under the event name “Lucky Labour Tickets,” sold to people for 100 Baht per ticket. Lottery buyers have the opportunity to win many prizes, including the first place prize, a passenger car, the New Mazda 2 1.3 c, the second place prize is a 2-baht gold necklace, the third place prize is a one-Baht gold necklace, with a total of five prizes, the fourth place prize is a two salung gold necklace with eight prizes, the three last digits with one spin will win a gold necklace weighing one salung, with 45 prizes. Lottery prizes will be drawn on Sunday, December 18, 2022, from 15.00 hours onward at the central stage of Lumphini Park. Proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets will be presented to Her Royal Highness and dedicated to the Vice President of the Thai Red Cross Society to continue to support the Thai Red Cross.
          The Ministry of Labour, therefore, invites the general public to visit the booth, play bingo and support the Red Cross lottery, “Lucky Labour Tickets,” at the Red Cross shop of the Ministry of Labour. The booth can be accessed by the entrance at Gate 3 on the date, time, and place mentioned above.


Division of Public Relations
9 December 2022