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MOL Offers Royal Kathin Robes for 2022 at Wat Juthathit Thammasaparam Worawihan Phra Aram Luang in Chonburi

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            On October 30, 2022, at 09.29 hours, the Labour Minister, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, presided over the Ministry of Labour’s Royal Kathin Robe Ceremony for 2022 at Wat Juthathit Thammasaparam Worawihan Phra Aram Luang, Tha Thewawong Subdistrict, Koh Sichang District, Chonburi Province. The ceremony was an offer of royal merit to His Majesty the King. It is also a response to the monarchy to preserve and promote Buddhism. Assistant to the Labour Minister, Mr. Surachai Chaitrakulthong, the Chonburi Provincial Governor, Mr. Tawatchai Srithong, the Labour Minister’s Advisor, Mrs. Thiwalrat Angkinan, Assistant Minister from the Prime Minister’s Office performing duties for the Ministry of Labour, Police Major General Nantachat Supamongkol, Mr. Suthi Sukosol, Sergeant Major Yossingh Liamlert, the Ministry of Labour’s Spokesperson (on Politics), Mrs. Thienrat Navamawat and the Ministry of Labour’s executives and agencies under the Ministry of Labour in Chonburi province also joined the ceremony. The total amount of merit-making for 2022 was 6,270,199 Baht.
            Wat Juthathit Thammasaparam Worawihan Phra Aram Luang, Tha Thewawong Subdistrict, Koh Sichang District, Chonburi Province, is located at the head and foothills of Koh Sichang (Khao Khayasira) at the dock of Thewawong. It is a third-class royal monastery. After the Asadang Road, the villagers moved their houses to the northern tip of the island, keeping the villagers far from Wat Ko Si Chang. His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, King Rama 5, graciously established a monastery in honour of Prince Chudadhuj Dharadilok, so that villagers could make merit and offer food to monks conveniently. His Majesty gave the name “Wat Juthathit Thammasatpharam” on July 9, 1892. At present, it is a third-class royal monastery, a Worawihan, with an Ubosot, a bell tower, a replica of the Buddha’s footprint, and a beautiful Buddha image.
            The Royal Kathin is Kathin that His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn bestowed as a royal gift to offer to various royal temples, in addition to the important temples that he had determined to visit on his own or would graciously assign a royal family member, the privy councilor or a person deemed appropriate to represent him. Therefore, it gives opportunities to ministries, bureaus, departments, as well as groups of people or personnel to offer the Royal Kathin robes. The Ministry of Labour has continued to participate every year. It is a tradition that Buddhists have adhered to for a long time to support monks who have completed a quarter of Buddhist Lent, to receive merit, and to be funding for the restoration of the monastery. It combines the power of physical, verbal, and mental unity to create merit and happiness in living together in society, as well as promote stability and prosperity in Buddhism.


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