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Office of Labour Affairs in Singapore visits Thai worker’s dormitory

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On Monday 21th May 2012, officials at Office of Labour Affairs in Singapore went to visit Thai workers at Changi Lodge 2 Dormitory. It is a dormitory for male foreign workers and could house up to 4,000 people.
The Changi Lodge 2 Dormitory is currently housing 3,900 workers in its five four-storey buildings, mostly are workers from Bangladesh and India. Each of its room has fans, a bathroom, and six bunk banks which can accommodate 12 people. Each person has got his own closet.
Each building has a cafeteria and a dining area at the ground floor. It also has a TV room, gym, library, conference room, and internet room. A laundry is located separately from the buildings for worker to wash their uniforms.
At the compound, there is a car park, restaurants, a convenience store, four sepak takraw fields, a basket ball field, and one soccer field.
At present, some 200 Thai workers are living there, most of whom are builders. Their owner pays them all the accommodation expenses.