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“Permanent Secretary of Labor” awarded the prize to the club To Be Number One in central and eastern 2018

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          Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, Permanent Secretary of Labor, presided over the ceremony and presented the winners of the TO BE NUMBER ONE provincial / community awards to the Central and Eastern Region in 2018 at the Amari Hotel, Pattaya City, Chonburi, said congratulations to the province and the club on the date of the Royal Trophy and would like to express my appreciation to all the teams that participated in the contest, even if they did not win or were not successful but what has been the same today is the viewpoint and the concept of joint action to prevent drug problems in the community, schools, establishments, observation centers, and prisons, so that the Thai people asylum from drugs.

          Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor said that it is the grace of the president of the project To Be Number One dedicated to continuous work and still has the commitment to work to prevent and solve the problem of drugs to the nation. Those who have experience in drug prevention and treatment will know that it is a difficult task, but with the mercy of the genius and perseverance. Princess UbolRatana Rajakanya SiriWattana Phawadee, The President of To Be Number One can make everyone accept and participate in volunteer activities. This helps to achieve the objectives and achieve Thai people safe, far from drugs.

          “The Ministry of Labor, as the main unit, has co-sponsored and implemented To Be Number One in order to meet the royal aspirations of the president of the project continued. The Provincial Office of Labor is assigned a key mechanism to work towards the goals and development of Thai workforce far from drugs, ” Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor said in the end.