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Permanent Secretary of Labour Commences MOL’s Zero Tolerance & Clean Thailand Project

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          On June 22, 2022, Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mr. Boonchob Suttamanaswong, presided over the opening ceremony of the Ministry of Labour’s jointly driven project, Zero Tolerance & Clean Thailand, for civil servants of all departments under the Ministry of Labour. The project aims to create awareness of problems and channels that may cause corruption and misconduct in operations, raise awareness of morality and ethics, and operate transparently. It aims to ensure all staff work together to prevent all forms of fraud for effective government operations that will truly benefit the people. The occasion took place at the Palazzo Hotel.
          The Permanent Secretary of Labour said that the training and practice in implementing the sufficiency economy philosophy in August 2022 would lead the personnel of the Ministry of Labour to create good awareness of their responsibilities, to recognize and fight against all forms of corruption. It can provide a framework perspective to effectively solve corruption problems. This will result in the Ministry of Labour having an image of operating with integrity, transparency, and anti-corruption, reforming the process of preventing and suppressing corruption, especially in fraud prevention. It has adopted a model of assessment of the ITA criteria, the use of electronic systems to help lay out preventive measures to promote morality, ethics, and transparency in the organization. The occasion was also a platform to listen to opinions from stakeholders. The information is disclosed to the public to improve work processes to be effective and truly meet the needs of the people based on morality, ethics, and honesty, following the established regulations. It adheres to good governance to ensure that the Ministry of Labour remains transparent and without corruption, with the potential to drive the mission and achieve the goals.
          This training is divided into two activities. The first activity was a lecture to provide knowledge and understand important government service practices. The second activity was practicing the sufficiency economy philosophy at the Volunteer Spirit School Training Center 904 (Bangkhen). There were 110 government officials from the Ministry of Labour in the central region and perimeter areas and 10 participants under the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Labour for 120 people.


Division of Public Relations
22 June 2022