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Permanent Secretary of Labour Emphasized that New MOL Civil Servants Work to the Fullest for the People on the Foundation of Rightness and Achievements

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          On December 17, 2021, Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Boonchob Suttamanaswong presided over the closing ceremony of the Ministry of Labour’s 29th class of new officials’ training to instill the philosophy of being a good civil servant and enhance the performance and skills required for public service to promote morality, ethics, and network development. The occasion occurred at the Human Resources Management Division’s meeting room, 10th floor, Ministry of Labour.

          Mr. Boonchob said that all the new officials would be a valuable human resource and contribute to the future of the Ministry of Labour. He asked that everyone perform their duties for the people to the fullest. He reminded everyone to be aware of the importance of their roles and responsibilities as good civil servants with virtue, ethics and being a new generation of civil servants who are eager to learn, committed to developing themselves to keep up with the modern era, and to be aware of the changes in the world, including the ability to apply new technologies and create innovations that are beneficial to the development of the agency’s work to be more efficient.

          The Permanent Secretary of Labour added that a good government official should have both knowledge and abilities to benefit the people and the nation. He wished participants and blessed all of the new generations of officials to be successful and to work effectively, with the hope that all of the new personnel under the Ministry of Labour will strive to act as a good government officials and continue to perform duties for the benefit of the people and the nation.