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PM Assigns Labour Minister to Award Outstanding Labour Volunteers in Japan

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          On September 28, 2022, the Labour Minister, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, presided over the award ceremony for outstanding labour volunteers in Japan for 2021 and 2022. He also met and gave encouragement and souvenirs to Thai labour volunteers in Japan who came to welcome him. Ambassador of Thailand to Tokyo, Mr. Singthong Lapseedphan, gave a welcome. Minister Counselor (on Labour), Ms. Sadudee Kittisuwan, delivered a report. Assistant to the Labour Minister Mr. Surachai Chaitrakulthong, the Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mr. Boonchob Suttamanaswong, and the Ministry of Labour’s executives joined the occasion at the main auditorium at the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.
          Mr. Suchart said that the Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan care for all Thai workers working abroad. Such workers play an important role in enhancing the country’s competitiveness and bringing income back to develop the nation. This includes a network of volunteers abroad that help drive the Ministry of Labour’s missions. The Labour Minister and the delegation were assigned to present honourary certificates and pins to outstanding labour volunteers in Japan for 2021 and 2022. They also met and gave encouragement and souvenirs to Thai labour volunteers in Japan. For today’s ceremony, the Ministry of Labour thanked the Ambassador in Tokyo for their warm welcome. He also thanked the labour volunteers who have helped drive the Ministry of Labour’s mission to achieve its objectives. Volunteers, both domestically and internationally, are important mechanisms that help support and drive the operations of the Ministry of Labour. He recognized the 45 volunteer workers in Japan who are Thai people working and living in Japan, and Japanese people who have volunteered, who go through training annually, to take care of technical interns and Thai workers. They also support various missions of the Labour Office in Japan. The Ministry of Labour thanked everyone for their sacrifices and volunteer spirit.
          “I would like to congratulate all the outstanding labour volunteers and show appreciation to all the labour volunteers for their dedication and sacrifice to do good. Volunteer workers in Japan play an important role in supporting the Ministry of Labour’s mission to protect and promote and expand the Thai labour market in Japan. The labour volunteers have created a network of close collaboration between the Japanese Labour Office and local government agencies. The volunteers are dedicated and selfless. I would like to encourage everyone who is an important force to continue to support the Ministry of Labour’s missions,” concluded Mr. Suchart.
          Four labour volunteers in Japan have been selected as outstanding volunteers. The first is Mrs. Werin Takeda, who is the first outstanding labour volunteer. She was awarded in 2016. The second person is Mr. Yossaphon Worapraphaso, an outstanding labour volunteer in 2020. Today, the third outstanding labour volunteer to be awarded is Ms. Rattanaporn Thananon for 2021, and the fourth is Ms. Supattra Rattanasuksri for 2022. There are 45 labour volunteers in Japan, comprising Thai people working and living in Japan and Japanese people with a volunteer spirit. The labour volunteers undergo training every year.


Division of Public Relations
28 September 2022