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The Ministry of Labor cooperates with the public to create careers for inmates and to restore good people to society

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          On March 26, 2018, at 11 am, H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor, Air Chief Marshal Prajin Chuangtong, Minister of Justice, along with Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Labour and the management team of the Ministry of Labor honored the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement on public-private partnership projects to create jobs for inmates between Department of Employment, Department of Skill Development, Department of Corrections, Federation of Thai Industries And the Chamber of Commerce of Thailand at a special treatment. Lt. Col. Adalah said that the Ministry of Labor’s mission is to manage the workforce to be ready for work to provide skilled labor force, have the potential, knowledge, ability to meet the needs of the labor market and support Thailand 4.0, which is an important factor in driving the economy of the country to have a stable, prosperous, sustainable operation in this time, work in the public, compliance with government policies through collaboration between government agencies, including the Department of Employment, the Department of Skill Development, and the Department of Corrections in cooperation with the private sector, the Federation of Thai Industries and the Federation of Thai Industries. The purpose is to create opportunities and quality of life for inmates through professional training, ethics, opportunities for offenders to improve themselves, can work independently to find self-raising and family income after the expulsion and solve the shortage of labor in some fields. It is an important mechanism to drive the economy of the country. Including good people to return to society.

          “The project targets 37,000 inmates, divided into two groups: the first of 27,000 inmates must be prepared for occupations before the penalty of the inmate for more knowledge and skill testing by the Department of Skill Development. The Department of Corrections will prepare a database of prisoners facilitate training facilities and operations, determine the process of getting the work to be produced in prison to distribute and generate income for inmates. In addition, the Faculty of Industry of Thailand, and the Chamber of Commerce of Thailand will coordinate with employers / employers to participate in the program. The second group is a group of close to being liberated 10,000 people who will be surveying the needs and separating those who want to work in the workplace and want to pursue an independent career. The Department of Employment will provide employment services and promote independent living. Then it will be monitored for a period of time, ” said Gen. Adul.