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The Ministry of Labor held a public hearing on draft fisheries labor legislation.

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          March 29, 2018 at 09.30 Mrs. Petcharat Sinauy, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor, chaired the public hearing to listen to the stakeholders’ comments for the drafting of the Prevention and Management of Labor Standards Act. or forced labor, 2nd, at the meeting room, 5th Floor, Ministry of Labor.


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          This meeting was held for the second time to hear more opinions and to clarify the essence of the Draft Fisheries Labor Act BE … … which aims to protect and promote the rights of fishery workers in accordance with the standards. international Prevent illegal labor in the fisheries sector, put in place measures to control, supervise, supervise and administer the issuance of fishery labor certification in accordance with international standards. It also promotes and develops the competitiveness of the fisheries sector in the country, representatives from government agencies, the Fisheries Association of Thailand, local fisheries associations, academics, and private sector representatives, join the conversation and give opinions.