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The Ministry of Labor organized Fire evacuation drill to promote all sectors of the ‘Safety Thailand’.

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On August 1, 2018, at 11.00 am, Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor chaired the fire brigade, fire drill training and fire escape training. The Ministry of Labor, in the year 2018, was headed by Mr. Waranon Peetiwan, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor, as fire director at the Ministry of Labor. The purpose of the training is to provide management. Officers and staff of the Ministry of Labor are aware of safety, occupational health and working environment, be able to evacuate safely in case of an emergency and to drive security policy. Safety Thailand. Government agencies must comply with Section 3, paragraph two of the Occupational Safety and Health Act BE 2554, including Ministerial Regulations prescribe the standards of administration. Manage and execute Safety, Occupational Health, and Working Environment in Fire Prevention and Fighting, BE 2555 for government agencies to conduct fire drills and evacuation to prepare and handle fire safety incidents. The trainings were sponsored by CP All Public Company Limited, which supports fire fighting equipment and training equipment from Sutthisan Fire Station, Veterans Hospital and Din Daeng Police Station.

          Permanent Secretary for Labor added that The Ministry of Labor attaches great importance to work safety, especially in high-rise buildings or large buildings, and many people, or even in public places, are at risk of fire. Providing fire drills and evacuations is trained by real-time simulation every year to build knowledge and understanding about fire extinguishers with tools and equipment, help the victims and fire drill training for officials of the Ministry of Labor to prepare the personnel in case of a real fire as a role model. Businesses should be aware of the importance of this. It also pays attention to the driving force of Thailand’s safety and health policy.
          Businesses or agencies may contact for advice on measures to comply with the law, fire drill and fire evacuation training at the Bangkok Labor Protection and Welfare Office, Office 1-10, Office of Welfare and Welfare. Provincial workers and the Occupational Safety Division, Department of Labour Protection and Welfare Taling Chan Division or Tel. 1506 press 3.