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The Ministry of Labor organizes training courses for mid-level 17th managers to create new leaders, think strategically, develop the organization in a concrete way

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          Today (December 12, 2017) Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark,Perman Secretary to the Ministry of Labor assigned Ms. Petcharat Sinauy, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor presided over the opening ceremony of the training course on middle-level management of laborers (17 th) at Dindaeng Room, Pratunam Park Hotel, by Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor “Training for mid-level executive or mid-level management is one of the core curriculums of the Office of the Permanent Secretary, focusing on the development of mid-level executives to have leadership skills, knowledge, skills, competencies and competencies in the field, properly managed and consistent with changing circumstances. Be ready to step into the executive at the policy level effectively. “


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          All participants are expected to gain knowledge, experience, and experience from the lecturer and from the exchange of learning and application to suit the situation. Leadership is a new age that has the ability to think strategically in terms of self-management, personal management, and administration, enhancing the skills to motivate and improve the efficiency of teams and organizations, understand the process of networking and partners, increase the power of work to be a good leader. It emphasizes the creation of a corrupt government, adheres to honesty, integrity, transparency, non-discrimination, and morality, as well as a vision of modernity to determine the direction that will lead the organization to a good change in the future.

          The training of the 17 th middle-level management training program consisted of 40 academic staff from the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor, the Regional Office, and the Office of the Minister. There are 14 government officials in the central region, 25 people in the central government and one ministerial office. Training starts from today until December 26, 2017, with a total duration of 15 days.