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A field visit to close the project according to the annual government action plan of Yasothon Province Fiscal Year 2012. The Social Development Project’s Main Activities: Developing the Quality of Life, Strengthening Families and Communities for Sustainability Following the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy Round 4 in the Thai Charoen District.

Content Description

          On Friday, July 1, 2022, at 13.00 hours, the Yasothorn Provincial Labour Officer, Mrs. Arphon Sisa, from the Yasothon Provincial Labour Office, paid a visit to conclude the project following the Yasothon annual government action plan for the 2021 fiscal year. The social development project’s main activities included developing the quality of life and strengthening families and communities for sustainability following the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy round 4 in the Thai Charoen District. The courses included making economic furnaces and IT knowledge training at Yae Yai Market Area, Moo 7, Ban Non Muang, Kham Toei Subdistrict, Thai Charoen District, Yasothon Province.

  • The morning session included a lecture on how to use technology to increase online market opportunities by TOT Yasothon.
  • The afternoon session included a lecture on presenting product information and providing information about electronic products by TOT Yasothon.