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According to the Malaysian Immigration Department, illegal foreign workers were abducted started on July 1, 2560

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          The Labor Office in Malaysia found that 574 Thai workers were arrested. (Information as of 6 September 2017) Most of them were working as receptionists in entertainment areas and massage staff In addition, the Malaysian Labor Office in Malaysia has been contacted by relatives of Thai migrant workers who have come to work in Malaysia to help their relatives arrested by Malaysian authorities because of work without permission.
          The Labor Office in Malaysia would like to inform you that to work without a work permit or smuggling using Tourist Visa is illegal to enter Malaysia. If arrested, the offense is punishable by the following:
The Immigration Department of Malaysia will continue to carry out illegal immigration of migrant workers to avoid illegal entry into Malaysia. There is a risk of being arrested by Malaysian authorities, so please come to work properly and have a work permit. If you come to work properly, you will be protected by law and not risk being arrested.
If you have any questions or questions regarding the procedure for applying for a work permit in Malaysia please call 03-2145 5868 or 03-21456004.