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Cambodian opens proof of nationality on January 3, 2018, employers and laborers have been granted custody since December 25

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          Mr. Anurak Tossarat, Director-General of the Department of Employment, revealed that the Cambodian authorities had been able to obtain a nationality check on January 3, 2018 at the Labor Certification Center of Cambodia, Rayong and Bangkok. Songkhla was opened on January 4, 2018. It was able to handle 550 people a day. For Citizenship verification at the provincial employment office or Bangkok Employment Agency, Area 1-10, since December 25, 2017

          Mr. Anurak Tossarat said that the Cambodian workers who need to prove citizenship is 616,282 people now prove citizenship 171,598 people, 444,684 people. For more information, please visit Provincial Employment Office Bangkok office area 1-10 or call 1694 hotline.