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Department of Employment The Ministry of Labor has released statistics on 5 years of fraudulent calls / commuters to work abroad. More than 600 people use 3 measures: prevention, suppression, and conquest

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          Mr. Anurak Tossarat, Director-General of the Department of Employment Ministry of Labor has revealed that H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor, has been informed of the case of Thai job seekers being deceived to work abroad. He recognizes the importance of such problems. The government has ordered the Department of Employment to collect the results of the prosecution of fraudulent job seekers to work abroad over the past 5 years, along with accelerating measures to resolve the problem in the past five years (2013-2017). Department of Employment has prosecuted job seekers to work abroad. According to the Employment and Protection of Job Seekers Act 1985, there were 707 cases in 689 cases of prosecutors, 14 cases of prosecutors and the four judges can arrest 661 people / brokerage. The Department of Employment uses 3 measures as follows:
1. Preventive Measures by using knowledge disclosure meetings people and job seekers to know the process of traveling to work abroad properly. Pattern or deception of broker. Including public relations through various media and open channels for people to report clues or complaints.
2. Prevention Measures establish a working group on preventing and suppressing job seekers via social networking organize surveillance to monitor and follow the Facebook of those who advertise, recruit people to work abroad, and establish and promote networks in the community, collaborate with sub-district administrative organizations, community leaders and volunteers to help supervise. It also strengthens the monitoring of job seekers who travel to work abroad at the checkpoints of job seekers in 17 provinces across 25 countries by setting up an anti-smuggling team to work in the Republic of Korea and other countries.
3. Suppression Measures by strictly following the legal process in the form of coordinated tracking of the warrant issued by the inquiry and coordinate the immigration office sent an arrest warrant to the computer system online to arrest a warrantee while traveling abroad or to travel to Thailand.


         Director-General of the Department of Employment added that The fraudsters are guilty of misconduct under the Employment Protection and Job Seekers Act, 1985, as amended by the Employment Protection and Job Seekers Act (No.2), 1994: others can find jobs or can be sent to internships abroad. The penalty for imprisonment for 3-10 years is 60,000 – 200,000 baht, or both. If you have any questions, ask for information, report a complaint, or report a scam. Find jobs in all provinces, Bangkok office area 1-10 or call the Ministry of Labor 1506 Press 2 Department of Employment.