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Department of Labor Protection and Welfare unveiled progress to help misery workers. The employer has paid the wages

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           Mr. Ananchai Uthaiwattanachep, The Director General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare revealed the progress of assistance to Mr. Santi Perin, the employee of the golf equipment store. Silom area where employers are physically abusive. And dismissal without notice, without compensation, including arrears, and no refund of cash collateral after the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare along with the multidisciplinary team invited the employee to investigate the matter. It has coordinated to the employer.
The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare found representatives of employers who explained that Mr. Santin Perrin was an employee of the Company, starting from January 1, 2017 to January 27, 2011. On February 1, the employer’s representative gave the baskets and basic allowance of 10,000 baht. All medical aid poor For overtime pay, overtime commissions. Money transfer to employees via bank account on February 1 already.
          Mr. Ananchai went on to say, in respect of wages, instead of advance notice, compensation, and cash collateral. The company will pay to the employees by paying an appointment at the Office of Labor Protection and Welfare, Area 1 on February 6, 2018. The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare will monitor the employer to comply with the law. The case of assault was considered by the multidisciplinary team to be involved in human trafficking. The employee has been notified at the police station Bangrak. This will be the procedure of the inquiry officer to continue the law.