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Department of Labor Protection called the Government House Builder to investigate this Monday. If it is found to be illegal, it will be processed immediately

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          Mr. Anantachai Uthaiwattana Director-General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare Revealed the case of Mr. Peerapat Sakkow, an employee of Kankanit Construction Co., Ltd., which renovated the building at Command Building 1-2 in the Government House fell from scaffolding was injured on December 21 last. After knowing The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare has sent a safety inspector to the area immediately to investigate the case. Initially, the employer did not provide the use of a cord or rope and a safety belt with the equipment worn by the employee to perate invited employers to meet on Monday, December 25, 2560 to further verify that the employer has complied with the Ministerial Regulations on the standardization of management and management of safety, occupational health and environment. If checked, the employer does not comply with the law will immediately follow. In addition, to ensure safety for employees. Government officials and staff working at the Government House. You may need to travel through that area. The Standard will monitor the management and management of security. If found to be still. The correct order will be executed promptly. The maximum penalty for non-compliance with the law on work safety is a fine not exceeding one year, a fine not exceeding four hundred thousand baht, or both.

          Director-General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare added that each accident causes a loss for both the victim and the family. The employer is guilty and prosecuted. However, workplace hazards can be prevented by starting with the legal requirements. Employers have any questions can contact Labor Safety Division Tel. 0 2448 9128-39 Bangkok Labor Protection and Welfare Office Area 10, Province Office of Welfare and Labor Protection or call the 1546 hotline.