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Department of Labor Protection Welfare ordered employers and employees focus on prevention of work accidents

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          Mr. Ananchai Uthaiwattanachep, Director General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare said that the safety of the work force is the first priority that all parties to consider whether they are Thai workers or foreign workers who come to work in Thailand must be treated equally. The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, as the agency responsible for the protection of workers’ safety, occupational health and working environment, has focused on awareness raising work safety. Thai workers and foreign workers and employers have the right knowledge and understanding about safety in work to raise awareness in prevention of accidents and work-related diseases by training to educate and send staff to clarify, educate workers and employers in the workplace. The main goal is to reduce the risk of work in Thailand.
         “The care of migrant workers in Thailand, whether they are Thai or foreign workers, is protected by law, quality of life, and work safety. It is the commitment of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare under the policy of Safety Thailand, which is the main policy of Pol. Gen. Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor. It is in line with the 20-year national strategy to ensure that all workers are provided with efficiency and standards to meet the future changes in Thailand’s production structure, ” said the Director General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare.