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Department of Labour Protection and Welfare ordered to follow-up “Fuji Xerox Thailand” on staff reduction and gave legal advice

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          Mr. Ananchai Uthaiwattanachep, Director-General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare revealed that Fuji Xerox (Japan) has a policy to lay off 10,000 employees in and outside Japan to scale the organization to fit the business. The Labor Inspectorate has ordered the labor inspectors to check the facts, asked if Fuji Xerox (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is currently undergoing a survey of flood victims or units with duplicate features. If there are duplicate personnel, it will reduce staff and will not accept substitutes. Currently under preparation. It is expected that employees of such characteristics. As part of R & D and production lines for Fuji Xerox (Thailand) Co., Ltd., no manufacturing plant is expected to be affected by this policy. He ordered the labor inspectors to monitor the situation as well as the movement closely including clarification of the law to employers and employees.
          If there is a dismissal, check whether the employee benefits are legitimately paid or not. If it is found that the company is not operating properly, it will immediately provide assistance. It will also coordinate with relevant agencies such as The Department of Employment provides employment assistance, the Department of Skill Development assists in the case of employees seeking vocational training, and the Social Security Office helps to take care of the employee’s rights, “said the Director General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare.