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Deputy Prime Minister presides over the signing ceremony of PCAC

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          Wednesday, 20 December 2016 at 11.00 am, Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam Deputy Prime Minister presided over the signing ceremony of the “Thailand’s Public Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (PCAC)”, launched a year of facilitating government approval, anti-bribery, format Government agencies, state enterprises involved in trade, investment, and the Office of the Commission on the Prevention and Suppression of Corruption in the Government include 46 agencies, including Lieutenant Colonel KornThip Daroj, Deputy Secretary General acting Secretary-General of the Anti-Corruption Commission in the Public Sector, Report, Background, Purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding with Mr. Ananchai Uthaiwattanachep, The Director General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare signs the agreement. People and entrepreneurs will benefit from the MOUs, such as: problems, barriers to service provision, cost reduction, cost reduction and trade, investment, economic system of the country, SME, foundations, and enterprises at IMPACT Challenger, Muang Thong Thani, Pakkred Nonthaburi.