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EU appreciates the Ministry of Labor for continuous improvement of labor protection

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          Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, Permanent Secretary of Labor said: Mrs Luisa Ragher, Ambassador and Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Thailand, and the group met with the executives of the Ministry of Labor to discuss further discussions on the framework of labor cooperation between Thailand and the European Union in Brussels Belgium during November 28-30, 2560, Thailand has expressed its appreciation for Thailand for its continued cooperation and efforts to protect labor in the fishing industry and to expand its workforce to all sectors. The Ministry of Labor has explained that the Thai government is truly committed to providing equal protection of migrant workers to Thai workers. However, what the Thai still need advice and cooperation from the EU is the knowledge that will lead to the development of labor inspection more potent.

          Mr. Ananchai Uthaiwattanachep, The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare (ILO) has recently cooperated with the ILO in tackling unacceptable practices in the fisheries and seafood industry or Ship to Shore Right and supported by the EU until the project was successful in the fiscal year 2017. The ILO has collaborated with the ILO to train labor inspectors to the potential Labor inspection It has already organized three versions of 90 people. In addition, the training of language staff or interpreters to understand the law and regulations on labor inspection. It will continue to work as well as increase its efficiency in the 2016 fiscal year.