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Gen. Adul prevents labor to be deceived

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          Mr. Anurak Tossarat, Director-General of the Department of Employment, said that H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor, emphasized the problem of scams of job seekers abroad. The Department of Labor is assigned to prevent and prevent labor fraud. The Department has set measures to protect job seekers who are traveling to work abroad, not to be deceived by fraudsters or recruitment agencies, before committing to work, while working abroad, and to prevent and suppress fraud, labor enhanced monitoring of overseas positions, determining appropriate and fair cost and service charges, law enforcement, provide protection for workers who are covered by the employment contract and the labor law of the country where they work, not to be exploited by the employer. The employment agency is responsible for the protection after delivery to the employer. The benefits of the fund to help people find work abroad. It also builds a network of cooperation with all concerned parties. Especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Police Agency, employment agencies and the community. The Center for the Prevention and Suppression of Job-Seekers is set up at all provincial job offices. It provides information, publicity, complaints, and prosecutions against those who deceive job seekers while prosecuting violators. The Employment and Job Seeker Protection Act 1985 punishes registrations by suspension or revocation of licenses. And the litigation against the line to the playoff. It also monitors job seekers’ overseas work at the 25 jobseekers checkpoints in 19 provinces located at international airports and border crossings.

          In the past fiscal year, the Department of Employment has investigated 368 foreign recruitment agencies, received complaints from 580 fraudsters / fraudsters. Delivered to work, and helped the remaining 575 job seekers. Criminal lawyer / fraudulent trafficker The 45 job-registration penalties were penalties for the use of / recapturing employment permits and criminal prosecution of 4 recruitment agencies and work visas. There are 1,136 foreign workers who have been hijacked by foreign travel agencies. The countries with the highest number of suspended travelers are the following: 1. South Korea 2. Malaysia 3. Bahrain 4. Russia 5. Qatar Fraud and risk of prosecution Let’s go to work legally. For more information, please contact the Provincial Employment Office, Bangkok Employment Agency, Area 1-10, or Central Recruitment and Job Seeking Division Department of Employment Tel. 0 2245 6763 or Hotline 1694.