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Gen. Adul revises the National Identity Center Find more services and spend less time

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          Mr. Anurak Tossarat, Director-General of Department of Employment, revealed that according to H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo assigned the Department of Employment as the main host in the management of the Center for Proof of Nationality, migrant workers, nationals of Myanmar and Cambodia by adjusting the work process, the service is convenient and fast. The Department of Employment has adjusted the location to a clean, comfortable bathroom, and public relations so that employers and migrant workers know the process of doing all the time. The signs are clearly marked. It also upgraded the system to a new queue. The service is more convenient and faster From this new adjustment, the service can be increased from 500-600 queues per day to 900-1,200 queues per day, while also reducing the time from about 13 hours per person to a minimum of 1 hour 40. The employer and migrant workers are more satisfied. However The Department of Employment and all related parties, both Thai and Myanmar, will continue to improve until the nationality verification and work permit are completed.

          There are 8 9 centers in 8 provinces: Samutprakan, Samutprakarn, Tak, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nakhon Sawan, Ranong, Songkhla, and two mobile cars at Samrong Shopping Center, Samutprakarn. There are three centers in Bangkok, Rayong, and Songkhla, as well as the Lao National Center for the Probation of Citizenship. The center is located at IT Square, Laksi, Bangkok. The group passed the employer-employee relationship screening. (Matching Group) Workers must return to prove their nationality at the origin country and return to the MOU.

          Mr. Anurak said that the foreign nationals of Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia have to be counted 1,999,240. There are 1,223,645 people in Myanmar, divided into 793,576 pink cards and 430,069 matching groups. A total of 616,282 Cambodian nationals are pink card holders 406,670 and 209,612 matchmaking groups. Of the 159,313 Lao nationals, 71,521 were pink, and 87,792 were matching groups. Currently, 1,041,043 people have been proven citizenship, 857,595 workers in Myanmar and there are 366,050 people remaining, 165,423 people in Cambodia and there are 405,859 people remaining, 18,025 people in Laos with 141,288 people remaining.