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Gen. Adul trained high tech people to enter mega projects

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          On 3 February, Mr. Suthi Sukosol, Director-General of the Department of Skill Development, revealed that Maj. Gen. Adul Sangsingkaew ordered the Department of Skill Development to implement the Agenda Base on the skill development of the labor force is required by the labor market and the employees in the workplace have the potential to support high technology innovation (High Technology)that is always changing. In line with the government’s mega project. Thailand 4.0 focuses on 10 target industries to drive economy. As a result, the Department of Skill Development assigns personnel development institutes in the automotive and auto parts industries ( AHRDA), one of the Excellent Centers of the Department of Skill Development, Training Skill level Super Blue Collar for the head of the production line of the business. In the automotive and automotive parts industry, 25 people spent 20 days training.
          “This group leader will learn from personality analysis, character traits, knowledge, ability of subordinates. Because these things need to be handled appropriately and the operation is effective when the employer has a potential supervisor, the work process will be effective, “said the Director General of the Department of Skill Development. In February, there will be several training sessions, such as the use of Solid Works 2016, a 3D program used to analyze the damage of workpieces when they are strengthened by QCC (Quality Control Circle) For more information, please contact us at 0-2315-3789.