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Inspector of the Ministry of Labor inspects the OSS Center in Ranong, confirming the registration of foreign workers completed March 31

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          Police Lieutenant Romyong Surakitbanharn, Inspector of Ministry of Labor monitored the performance of one stop service center (OSS) at the gymnasium, Ranong. Mr. Suthep Vongpanich, Deputy Governor of Ranong Province, Mr. Naritt Mongkolsri, Provincial Permanent Secretary of Ranong, Mr. Suranad Chit-ueafuea Provincial Labor in Ranong, and The head of government department of Ranong province came to greet Police Lieutenant Romyong Surakitbanharn. Inspector of the Ministry of Labor said. Ranong is aiming for 23,311 migrant workers to work at the OSS. According to the data, 20,761 migrant workers are working in the country, 8,739 migrant workers, 14,572 migrant workers remaining. From the discussion between The provincial governor, Provincial Permanent Secretary, the Inspector General of the Department of Employment, and the head of government agencies under the Ranong Ministry of Labor concluded that The remaining OSS work will be completed by March 31st. By the policy of H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor, there are two groups of migrant workers who are already naturalized to report and check (VISA) and apply for permission. Then register and check health to be able to stay and work further. And the group has not yet proved nationality, perform all steps in the center.


          Inspector of the Ministry of Labor said that there are about 10,000 people in the country who have passed the nationality verification. The remaining 4,000 people have not yet passed the nationality test. The Ministry of Labor’s policy implementation will be completed by March 31st.