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Labour Minister Joins PM’s Delegation to Bueng Kan for the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the Fifth Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge to Boost Employment and Tourism

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          On October 28, 2022, the Labour Minister, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, joined the delegation of the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense General Prayuth Chan-ocha to visit Bueng Kan Province to perform the foundation stone laying ceremony for the construction of the fifth Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge (Bueng Kan-Bolikhamxay) at the construction area of the Ban Don Yom project, Moo 2, Khai Si Subdistrict, Mueang District, Bueng Kan Province. The Prime Minister and delegation met with labour volunteers, the public, and the heads of government agencies involved, who came to welcome them. From there, the Prime Minister and delegation crossed over to the foundation stone laying area of the project in Bolikhamxay Province, Laos. The Prime Minister of Laos, Dr. Phankham Viphavanh, gave a welcome.
          Mr. Suchart said that the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense General Prayuth Chan-ocha emphasizes promoting tourism and transportation to drive economic and social development. The construction of the fifth Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge, Bueng Kan-Bolikhamxay, is part of a strategy to develop the competitiveness of the Northeastern region in the upper subregion and development strategies of Bueng Kan Province and neighboring provinces related to economic development, trade, and international investment. Connecting internationally between Thailand and Laos will support the volume of increased travel and shipping. The project will benefit the people and both countries, as Bolikhamxay Province of Laos will become a regional trade center and a new transport route for Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. It will be the shortest route connecting the three countries, bringing benefits in various aspects, namely the economy with increased investment, more convenience for Thai-Laos trade, lower production costs through transportation or transfer of goods, and increased national competitiveness. Socially, people on both sides will have a good relationship. It will become convenient to travel, connect and do activities together, promoting the two countries tourism. The project will also promote the workforce with increased employment in the service and production sectors from investments, better transportation, and a better economy.
          Mr. Suchart continued that there are 239,632 Laotian migrant workers who are allowed to work in Thailand, of which 239,172 are general workers and 451 are other skilled workers. Bueng Kan Province. At present has a workforce of 192,198 people, with 713 establishments in the social security system, comprising 38,944 insured persons and 1,627 migrant workers, of which 1,222 are of Lao nationality. The workers are mostly in the food and beverage distribution business, followed by agriculture, livestock, housework, and household work. The remaining 296 are Myanmar nationals, 81 Cambodians, and 66 other nationalities. There are 53 labour volunteer workers. Additionally, the Ministry of Labour has collaborated with Laos in many areas, such as signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Labour Cooperation, employment agreements, cooperation on Thai-Laos skill development, and social security.


Division of Public Relations
28 October 2022