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Labour Minister Response to Government’s Anti-Corruption Policies

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          The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General and spokesperson Mr. Ananchai Uthaipatanacheep spoke about the importance that Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul has given to the government’s anti-corruption policies, under leadership of Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha. The policies aim at eliminating corruption across the nation, closing all gaps for future risks. The Ministry of Labour has responded by setting the anti-corruption policies as 1 of 8 labour reformation agendas in alignment with action plans driving organizations to zero corruption.
          The Ministry of Labour presented policies to executives, officials and officers from affiliated units, to uphold the 7 values comprising fairness, transparency, improvement, efficiency, sustainability, opportunity and acting as a role model. The ministry has also campaigned for government officers to conduct duties free of corruption by upholding 4 principles that are “don’t pay, don’t take, don’t give in and don’t ignore.” The ministry has also emphasized good governance, encouraging officers and officials to remain disciplined and work transparently. Furthermore, officials and officers were reminded to report any corruption, violation or criminal acts seen or heard of.
         “The Ministry of Labour has an anti-corruption center, which is responsible for driving anti-corruption initiatives, and to ensure the ministry remains an ethical organization. If at any time, violations are seen or heard of, these can be reported to the anti-corruption center by calling 0 2232 1002-3 during government operation hours,” said the Ministry of Labour’s spokesperson.


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Bureau of Public Relations /
Chaninthorn  Phettab – News

5 December 2017