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Labour Minister’s Advisor Gives Encouragement and Commences ‘Skill Development Activities in Tiling” to Strengthen the Economic Foundations

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         On October 21, 2022, at 09.30 hours, the Labour Minister’s Advisor, Mrs. Thiwalrat Angkinan, paid a visit to give encouragement and commence the “Occupational Alleviation Project: Skill Development Activities in Tiling” under the “Economic Foundation Development and Strengthening Project 2022”. The project was organized by the Phetchaburi Provincial Labour Office, whose target group was 20 people who have suffered from disasters, natural disasters, economic crises, unemployment, informal workers, and elderly people. The heads of government agencies under the Ministry of Labour in Phetchaburi Province gave a welcome at the Multipurpose Pavilion, Samakkhi Intersection Community, Moo 7, Tha Yang Subdistrict, Tha Yang District, Phetchaburi Province.
         Mrs. Thiwalrat said that the Ministry of Labour by the Phetchaburi Provincial Labour Office surveyed the needs of people who face occupational troubles and those affected by the economic crisis in Phetchaburi Province to obtain budget support to implement a project to alleviate occupational distress under the “Economic Foundation Development and Strengthening Project 2022”. The project aims to help people who are struggling to find work and have temporary income. The objective is to allow them to increase their potential with new skills (re-skill) and existing skills. The initiative would allow them to become self-reliant, extend their original career and support new careers in the future. They can also help each other in the local community. Today’s activities are to improve public utility places to be maintained so people can sustainably use them.


Division of Public Relations
21 October 2022