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Minister Counsellor (Labour) met Spargel’s administrators to discuss on the opportunity for expanding foreign labour market for Thai workers.

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Minister Counsellor (Labour) of the Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin met the administrators of Spargel und Erlebnishof Klaistow Buschmann & Winkelmann to discuss on the opportunity for expanding the foreign labour market for Thai workers.

                  On 8 June, 2011, Mrs. Suchada Cheecharoen, Minister Counsellor (Labour), together with the labour officials went to Spargel und Erlebnishof Klaistow Buschmann & Winkelmann , the largest agricultural enterprise of Brandenburg State, which is located in the city of Klaistow-Beelitz and closely to Berlin. According to the visit, Mr. Sven Hager, an administrator of the company, welcomed the visiting group and describe the company’s business features consisting of the events Farms, similar to Chock-chai Farm, picking strawberry, food and beverage services, planting asparagus, strawberry, pumpkin, picking and sale, as well as organizing booths selling farm products at many places in the state of Brandenburg and Berlin.

                  Besides, the visiting group was addressed information relevant to foreign labour employment (Eastern Europe, member of EU) such as employment form&procedures, wage rate, and etc., which were categorized by the types of works, namely, farming (agriculture and dairy cow), storehouse/ product selection, transformation of farm products, distribution farms products the retailers nationwide, restaurant services, shop men at the farm and the booths. In addition, he also took the visiting group to look around the area and according to this season, there were some Bulgaria and Eastern Europe workers digging asparagus by using tractors, and the activities allowing customer to pick strawberry and cattle farm tour. However, other workers, whose nationalities are not EU member states, are not allowed to work since the law permits only workers from EU member states. According to the nature of work, approximately 90% of tasks need male labour force; however, it is possible for female workers to work in service areas and as shop women at the booths. Therefore, this is the possible channel to conduct job matching for Thai female workers who have settlement visas in the EU member states.