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Ministry of Labor tested safety officer to work Safety Thailand

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           Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor assigned Mr. Waranon Vittivan, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor to visit the inspection area, safety officer test in advanced technical work. (Advanced Technique) at the 4th Floor Conference Room Safety Center. Department of Labour Protection and Welfare. There were 123 test takers who were trained in the Safety Officer course 180 hours of advanced technical training from the registered training center of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare. The law requires that the course participants. It must be tested by the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare. Once tested, they will be certified, qualified for safety, advanced technical skills and able to work in the workplace.

           Deputy Permanent Secretary for Labor discusses the driving force behind safety, occupational health and workplace environments. H.E. Police Gen. Adul Sangsingkeo has set up an agenda based on the policy of driving Safety Thailand by inspecting and enforcing safety laws, urgent need to make work experience decrease to zero.

           According to data from the Social Security Office, the statistics show that the working conditions in 2019, 89,488 people were sufferers, 584 died and social security offices paid compensation of 1,666.94 million baht.

          “Security is a national agenda where all sectors contribute to the achievement of a secure working environment. This requires a strong awareness of law enforcement and build a secure network to work hard. At the same time, enterprises must have risk management. Include the lesson from the same incident to set measures to prevent workplace hazards reduced to zero, “said Mr. Waranon.