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MOL Commences Focus Group Workshop on Presenting the Screen Design Format to Develop a Cybersecurity Framework in the Digital Age 5.0

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          On June 21, 2022, at 09.00 hours, Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mr. Boonchob Suttamanaswong, assigned the Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General, Mrs. Tongjai Suthat Na Ayutthaya, to preside over the opening ceremony of the focus group workshop to present the screen design format for the “Confirm Phototype Wireframe (UX/UI) Project” to study, design, and develop a framework for cybersecurity transition in the digital age 5.0, for Thai government agencies. The Ministry of Labour is a model agency or Sandbox that will participate in the design and use of the system on three major platforms. The occasion took place at the Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel Bangkok.

          The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General said that the Ministry of Labour is an agency that is organized in the infrastructure of public service. Therefore, they must strictly comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562. It will also benefit the Ministry of Labour and other government agencies to help protect the personal information of people who come in contact with the ministry through various departments and related offices.

          The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General added that it is well known that in 2019, the Cybersecurity Law was launched, and the PDPA Act just came into effect on June 1, 2022. It is a great opportunity for the Ministry of Labour to participate in the development to provide the government sector with a Cybersecurity Management Platform. The complexity of information systems in use today causes more complexity in the security and protection of corporate information resources to analyze and have such protective measures. Therefore, it is necessary and should be achieved to meet the government’s objectives.


Division of Public Relations
21 June 2022