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Nakhon Pathom Labour Office Joins Narcotics Control Committee Meeting

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          On August 16, 2022, at 09.30 hours, Nakhon Pathom Deputy Provincial Governor, Mr. Komsan Charoenaj, joined the Narcotics Control Committee Meeting No. 2/2022 (for the central provinces), which took place online on Webex Meeting. The occasion took place at the Apiromruedee Meeting Room, 4th floor, Nakhon Pathom City Hall. The Ministry of Interior’s Chief Inspector-General, Mr. Triphob Wongtrirat, chaired the meeting. The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General, Mr. Puma Thamakul, also joined the occasion. Nakhon Pathom Labour Officer Ms. Yupin Mooljantha assigned Labour Specialist Ms. Suparat Bunyamin to join the meeting too.
          The meeting followed up on the implementation of the Narcotics Control Action Plan 2022 in the central region and the situation of drug problems in the area, including problems, obstacles, and impacts, of the Covid-19 situation. It also considered obstacles in carrying out drug control operations and spreading awareness of issues, recommendations, and guidelines for drug control operations as well.