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Narathiwat Labour Officer Chairs Labour Graduate Workshop in Narathiwat for 2022

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           On Monday, August 15, 2022, at 09.00 hours, Narathiwat Provincial Labour Officer, Mr. Ashwin Pujachakan, presided over the Labour Graduate Workshop in Narathiwat for the 2022 fiscal year. The occasion took place at the Narathat Conference Room, 4th floor, Narathiwat’s Ministry of Labour Government Center Building. Labour graduates from 13 districts in Narathiwat Province participated, consisting of Mueang District, Tak Bai District, Yi Ngo District, Ba Cho District, Rangae District, Rueso District, Si Sakhon District, Cho Ai Rong District, Sukhirin District, Su-ngai Kolok District, Su-ngai Padi District, Chanae District, and Waeng District. The meeting covered the important missions of agencies under the Ministry of Labour in Narathiwat Province in carrying out duties efficiently following the Ministry of Labour’s missions. Narathiwat Provincial Labour Officer Mr. Ashwin Pujachakan emphasized the working principle of preparing information for project presentations and follow-ups to help vulnerable groups in their income resolutions. The meeting also covered the coordination with the Narathiwat Provincial Community Development Office into the system upon completion of the mission. In addition, requested unity within the agency, to work together as a team. Performance results were also reported to the Narathiwat Provincial Labor Office for acknowledgment.


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