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Outline of Outstanding Employee Labor Relations must never break the labor law

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          Mr. Apinya Sucharitanan Deputy Director-General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare revealed after the Working Group Meeting on the criteria and determination of the Outstanding Labor Relations and Labor Welfare Organization of the year 2018, dated 28 November 2016, that the Outstanding Business Contest encourages employers and employees to recognize the importance of good labor management and labor relations, and to create and develop labor relations, a standardized welfare system in the workplace. The working group, which consists of government officials, can be used as a model for other businesses to improve the quality of life of their employees, qualified laborer, employer representative and employee representatives. The criteria for establishments to be nominated for selection must never commit an offense under the Labor Protection Act. Including the offense of relocation of business establishments under Section 120 of the Labor Protection Act 1998 in the past year.

          Mr. Apinya went on to say: Business establishments with more than 50 employees who are subject to and comply with the law on labor relations and the law on labor protection can be nominated for the best Labor Relations and Labor Welfare Award in the year 2018 at the Office of Labor Protection and Welfare, Bangkok area and the Provincial Labor Protection and Welfare Office at the location of the establishment or download it. Please submit your nomination form from 2 – 31 January 2018 for more information.