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Repeat! The minimum wage has not been tapped

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          Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor It discloses the criteria for determining the minimum wage adjustment in 2018 that the process of consideration has not yet been finalized. What is the minimum wage adjustment, however, is still in the process of being considered. Criteria prescribed by law Factors such as the facts about the current wage rate, the cost of living index, the average inflation rate, the average cost of living, the cost of production, the price of goods and services, the ability to assemble. In addition, there is an increase in indicators of economic factors.

          Permanent Secretary for Labor stated that in considering the minimum wage in each province, it is not the same. According to the context of each province. The payroll committee Employees, employers, and government officials include the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board, the Bank of Thailand, the Ministry of Commerce, etc. Prior to the consideration of the subcommittee Check To be discreet and fair with all parties.

          “Minimum wage is the first labor protection tool in the labor market to receive a salary not lower than the minimum wage set by the wage committee. If the workers have developed their own craft standards to increase the productivity and productivity of the work effectively. They will be paid according to the skill standard higher than the minimum wage. Currently, 67 occupations are being advertised and 16 are expected to be occupied. In order to enter Thailand 4.0, all sectors should focus on labor capacity first, ” said Mr. Jarin.