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Repeat! The new Labor Ministry must be a good government officials and dedicated to the collective

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          Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor assigned Mr. Somsak Apiwanantakul Assistant Secretary of Labor as the president of the Ministry of Labor 19th at The Palazzo Hotel Ratchadaphisek Road, and said that he would like to congratulate all the new government officials who will be a valuable human resource, a new wave of the Ministry of Labor, which is the new era of the Ministry of Labor and ready to take on the task of helping the nation and the royal succession of His Majesty the King.


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          Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor said that all new government officials should embrace the philosophy of sufficiency economy as a guideline for the practice of consciousness, be careful, be cautious, live in peace and harmony, as well as be a new generation of civil servants who want to learn, to develop self to keep pace with the changing world. It also has the ability to introduce new technologies. Apply innovations that are beneficial to the development of the work unit to be more effective. All the new officials of the Ministry of Labor must strive to perform their duty, maintain quality and be good officials in doing the public service for the benefit of the people and the nation, leading the country to secure a sustainable, prosperous and sustainable world.

          The training of new officials of the Ministry of Labor, 19 th edition, has new officials of the agency under the Ministry of Labor: Central and regional. Separated to 6 offices of the Ministry of Labor, 32 Department of Employment, one Skill Development Department, and 61 Social Security offices, totaling 100 persons.