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The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare encourages employers to create drug-resistant immunity for employees

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          Mr. Ananchai Uthaiwattanachep, Director General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare revealed that drug problem is a major problem in the country. All sectors must cooperate to resolve. In terms of labor, The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare has prevented and resolved the problem. Under the Civil Liberties Plan Drug abuse Collaborate with employers, owners of businesses and related sectors through the ongoing development of a drug prevention and resolution system. Encouraging small businesses that employ 1-49 people to participate in the White Program activities, in line with established criteria, such as the policy to prevent and solve drug problems, have knowledge activities, and anti-drug campaign. It has been operating since 2001. At present, there are 48,217 establishments have been approved by the establishments. The number of employees is 4,660,348. The number of employees is 50 persons or more. Readiness Encourage standardization, prevention and resolution of drug problems in the workplace. There are definitions and indicators for the assessment of drug prevention and correction systems, such as the establishment of working groups, surveillance and treatment measures, etc. As a result of the implementation from 2013 to the present. 6,249 establishments have been certified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. 1,251,815 workers have been immunized against drugs. Knowledge about drugs to those workers and encouraged 2,000 businesses to join the White Program, including 350 standardized drug prevention and treatment centers in the country, covering 1,200,000 employees.
          Director-General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare Added that The employer agrees to cooperate with the factory. It is suitable for small workers with 1 to 49 employees. In the field of human resources, the company has prepared the standard system to prevent and solve the problem of drugs in business establishments to show their social responsibility. Do good deeds to eliminate the problem of drugs and bring peace to Thai society. Interested persons can contact Labor Welfare Department, Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, Tel. 0 2245 0080 or the Bangkok Labor Protection and Welfare Office, Office 1 to 10, Provincial Labor Protection and Welfare Office, nationwide.