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The Department of Labor Protection is concerned about safety during the New Year advised employers to take precautionary measures

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          Mr. Ananchai Uthaiwattanachep, Director General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare said during the New Year holidays, businesses have consecutive holidays for several consecutive days. It is important to be prepared to prevent potential hazards or hazards, such as fire, chemical shortages, and other sources of heat use this time to do Big Cleaning or to perform maintenance inspection of machinery, equipment and systems within the establishment. Some of these activities are outsourced or external agencies to operate may not have knowledge and understanding the use of machinery, equipment, and systems of the establishment to control measures need to be taken, taken care of, and prevented from harm or loss. The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare is cooperating with the owners of the premises, safety officers and related persons, measures or guidelines to prevent hazards that may occur before and during the New Year holidays, such as measures to monitor machinery. Various instruments define measures to prevent hazards, review the emergency plan to be able to handle the situation that may occur effectively.

          Mr. Ananchai added: in addition to safety measures, all employers and businesses are encouraged to cooperate and work together to promote safety awareness and knowledge to prevent and reduce road accidents for employees, such as safety training techniques, inspection of equipment, the availability of vehicles to be ready to travel safely. It is a part of Thailand Safety and Occupational Safety or Safety Thailand.