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Three-year Thai Employment Service provides millions of jobs

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          Mr. Anurak Tossarat was promoted to Director General of the Department of Employment, The Ministry of Labor announced that the Thai Job Service Center or Smart Job Center was set up to meet the government’s policy to reduce social disparity and creating access opportunities for government services. Thai workers will have access to quality vacancies, have a good job, earn a stable income, be protected, have a good welfare and life insurance equally good through the promotion of full employment, both domestic and international recruitment services, career counseling and provide information on the labor market.

          The focus is on Thai people to work in all areas. At present, the Thai Employment Service Center has 87 centers nationwide, with state-of-the-art technology that reduces the number of recruitment and employment opportunities. Of the staff Which can be available at The Smart Job Center is also available through the website. And now it’s also possible to add mobile channels via the mobile application Smart Job Center to meet the needs of the modern age.

          From the performance of the Thai Employment Service Center since its inauguration on January 19, 2015, to date, it has made 1,135,795 people employed in Thailand, employing 1,077,902 people and 57,893 people. There are 2,605,369 job seekers registered. They also provide advice and registration to those who wish. 87,139 people traveled to work abroad, providing 375,985 career counseling services to students and counseling. 186,038 people are job-related professionals.

          Mr. Anurak said that the Department of Employment is important to the Thai people to get a suitable employment with knowledge, their ability and aptitude. The creation of jobs for Thais is a way to increase the quality of life for the people. This is the power of the society to develop the country.