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Urgent Assistance Provided to Vessel Crew Members Stranded in Singapore

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          The​ Labour Office in Singapore reported 13 crew members from a sea vessel called ‘Danai 8’, filed reports to the Singaporean Labour Office on 28 December 2016 for assistance in providing compensation and arranging means of return to Thailand. The crew members reported their employer to have violated employment contract terms with 4 months and 12 days of wages still unpaid since August 2016, in addition to living and working in unfavourable conditions during the time the crew members were on board. All 13 crew members thus submitted their letter of resignation, but have yet to gain any clarity from the employer with regards to compensation, and therefore requested assistance from the Singaporean Labour Office.


         On 30 December 2016, Minister Counsellor (of Labour) Mr. Samas Pattamasuk from the Singaporean Labour Office coordinated with relevant units to provide initial assistance. The Department of Labour Protection and Welfare invited the vessel owners for negotiation on the outstanding compensation and arrangement for the crew members to return home in compliance with the Sea Fisheries Worker Act B.E. 2558 and other relevant legislation. If all staff confirm their intentions to resign, the Ministry of Labour will provide recruitment and training assistance as needed.


          “Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul has consistently given importance to provision of legal assistance to workers in need. The Ministry of Labour will report progress on negotiations with vessel owners at a later stage,” said the Ministry of Labour’s spokesperson.




Bureau of Public Relations – News
29 December 2016