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Labour Minister Assigns Advisor to Commence Training Program to Promote the Welfare of the Elderly and Improve Their Quality of Life After Retirement

Labour Minister Opens New Provincial Employment Office in Nakhon Pathom to Serve All Target Groups

MOL Office of the Permanent Secretary’s Annual Expenditure Budgeting Committee Meets

Labour Minister Joins PM’s Delegation to Ratchaburi Province to Visit the Khu Bua Weaving Group Community to Build Careers and Promote Cultural Tourism

MOL Joins the Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Environment Committee Meeting No. 1/2023 Online

Labour Minister Reveals that the SSO Appeal Committee Considers Care of Benefits and Creates Fairness for Insured Persons

Labour Minister Assigns Advisor to Commence Activities to Strengthen Informal Labour Associations to Create Awareness on Labour Laws and Access to Protection Rights

Three Associations Meet to Thank the Labour Minister for Supporting Informal Workers to Overcome the COVID-19 Crisis

Private Sector Commends Proactive Healthcare Project for Insured Persons in the Workplace to Reduce Illnesses

Labour Minister Assigns Advisor to Commence Training to Create Awareness of Labour Volunteer Networks to drive Labour Trafficking Prevention Policies into Practice

MOL Joins the Thailand Decent Work Country Programme Tripartite Committee Meeting

Labour Minister Welcomes Governor of South Jeolla Province of South Korea on a Courtesy Call and Strengthen Labour Cooperation

Labour Minister Commences National Teacher’s Day Event in Chonburi to Recognize Teachers Who Create Quality People

Labour Minister Commences National Children’s Day Event in Chonburi to Encourage Thai Children to Have a Learning Mindset