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Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Joins Narcotics Control Committee Meeting

MOL Office of the Permanent Secretary of Labour’s Welfare Committee Meets

Labour Minister Assigns SSO to Urgently Support Department of Highways Employee From Cement Sheet Fall in Rama II

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Sign MOU on Producing Graduates and Workforce Development Focusing on Skills and Competencies

MOL Congratulates Bangkok Post on the 76th Anniversary

MOL Welcomes Princess Ubol Ratana on Presiding the 20th Anniversary Celebration of TO BE NUMBER ONE 2022

MOL Organizes Volunteer Activities in Honour of His Majesty the King

MOL Joins National Committee MEeting on the Elimination of Worst Forms of Child Labour

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Joins IEP Meeting No. 2/2022

Labour Minister Assigns Assistant to Receive Letter in Opposition of the Draft Labour Relations Act B.E…..(Government Version)

Labour Minister’s Assistant Gives Special Lecture on “The Direction of Thai Workers Development in the 5G Era”

MOL Working Group Meets to Consider Report on Implementation of ILO Conventions No.1/2022 and No2/2022

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Joins Labour Welfare Committee Meeting No. 8/2022

MOL Board of Skills Development Meets for No. 4/2022

MOL Joins Academic and Moderation Subcommittee Meeting No. 2/2022