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Labour Minister Assigns Spokesperson to Visit the Baisi Occupation Group in Bueng Kan Province to Promote Occupations Supporting Tourism

MOL Joins Launch of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy in Thailand

Permanent Secretary of Labour Meets to Consider Promoting Labour Graduates to Government Staff

Labour Minister Assigns Spokesperson to Udon Thani to Visit Homeworker Groups to Promote Careers and Boose the Community Economy

MOL Joins Grab Taxi to Develop Language Skills and Services to Create Professional Grab Taxis

Labour Minister Assigns MOL Spokesperson to Receive Instant Noodles from SCG (Thailand) to Support Flood Victims

MOL Meets to Review the Ministry of Labour’s Anti-Corruption and Misconduct Action Plan

Labour Minister Assigns MOL Spokesperson to Lead the Team to Congratulate Manager Daily on Their 15th Anniversary

Labour Minister Delivers Policies to SSO to Enhance the Quality of Life for Insured Persons and Create Sustainable Stability

Labour Minister Reveals the Muslim Community’s Appreciation for the PM Restoring Ties with Saudi Arabia

Labour Minister Meets the DENSO Labour Union with Focus on Laying the Foundations for Workers to Drive the Country’s Development

Labour Minister Assigns Assistant Minister to Ubon Ratchathani to Monitor Implementation According to Labour Missions in the Area

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Joins Discussion on Raising Workers’ Quality of Life at the Social Security Conference

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Joins Debt Relief Fair Commute “Resolving Debts for Sustainable New Beginnings”

Labour Minister Accelerates the Modernization of the Social Security System to Improve Insured Persons’ Quality of Life

Permanent Secretary of Labour Chairs Discussion on Promoting Employment Opportunities for Migrant Workers, Stressing Importance of Rights and Equality