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MOL Joins Sustainable Development Committee Meeting No. 1/2022

Labour Minister Visits Songkhla to Check Vaccination Site Providing Booster Doses to Insured Persons at the ASEAN Plaza Shopping Center in Hat Yai

MOL Subcommittee on Driving Volunteer Spirit to Improve the Quality of Life for the People Meets

MOL Labour Welfare Committee Meets

MOL 19th National Labour Development Advisory Council Meeting

Labour Minister’s Assistant Commences Thai-Cambodian Bilateral Meeting to Promote Ethical and Fair Recruitment During and After the COVID-19 Outbreak

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Joins National Professional Sports Committee Meeting

MOL Discusses Ways to Remedy Self-Employed Workers Related to Entertainment Venues Over 65 Years of Age

Permanent Secretary of Labour Assigns Deputy Permanent Secretary to Receive Royal Calendar Before the Royal Portrait

MOL Inspector-General Clears Issues on Human Trafficking Via Electronic Systems

MOL Computer System Management and Procurement Committee Meets

MOL 21st Wage Committee Meets